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Our staff is primarily comprised of Alice Horton and a supporting trained staff.During Tax Season we have experienced Tax Preparers in addition to our regular Staff. We have bi-lingual staff available as needed upon request to help with Spanish speaking customers.

Alice Horton graduated high school in 1976 and went into the accounting and tax profession within 3 months of graduating. She worked in many places before opening Honest Abe's. Her first job was full charge bookkeeper for a farmer, then went on to an accounting office that had 30 clients when she joined it and 5 years later had 100 clients. Over the years she worked retail management, HR management, Office Comptroller, and sales. Encouraged by the memory of her father, and his support, she ventured back to her love of numbers and business consulting in 2006, after moving home to PA.

As mentioned elsewhere on our site, she was in a "partnership" for 5 years before opening our company to give clients what they deserve... Knowledgeable, Dependable, Reasonable priced services from someone that wants to see the clients succeed!

Other Employees:

Terrance Barr, Sr. is the company Office Manager, Notary Public, and web site builder. Handles community relations and public development and company promotions involving entertainment. Terry also helps on book keeping and accounting with clients.

Vianka L. Puntiel is our newest team member handling book keeping, payroll, office clerical skills, and does the Bi-Lingual work with our costumers. She is a great addition to the Team.


We give accounting students the advantage of learning the trade by doing on site working internships. It gives them the opportunity to see if they are really ready to sit behind a desk shuffling papers, often very messy and unorganized papers, for a living.

Alice has had the experience of finding very talented people and helped others discover that they needed to change their career path.

During tax season our business has grown sufficiently that we do hire experienced tax preparers to help do Personal Income Taxes following Legal Tax Laws as well as our Company Customer Policies and Procedures.

If you have experience or knowledge, send us a resume and we will let you know if we have any openings.

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